Sunday, January 19, 2020

The way for schools, child care centres, clubs, charities and churches to raise money all year round. Bookmark and Share

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print2fundraise Banking Details

Bank Name: ANZ

Account Name: Sozpoz Pty Ltd ATF Sozpoz Unit Trust

BSB: 017-042

Account Number: 4871-58351

print2fundraise Contact Details

Trading Name: print2fundraise
Legal Entity: Sozpoz Pty Ltd ATF Sozpoz Unit Trust
ABN: 96 472 274 536, ACN: 128 232 093

Delivery and Postal Address:

Adam Hirst
Managing Director
15A Wellington Street
Launceston TAS 7250

Contact Details:

Tel 03 6334 5994
Mob 0438 426 340
Fax 03 6301 9557

Skype: adam.m.hirst

print2fundraise: the all-year-round way to fundraise for schools, child care centres, churches, charities and clubs.

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