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print2fundraise Background

print2fundraise only started trading in 2009, although the concept and business plan for it was established some time ago. Founder and Managing Director, Adam Hirst, is a Tasmanian that was looking to establish a company that he could feel comfortable with and proud to work for. The key criteria for the new venture were:

  1. The products or services had to be morally and ethically sound.
  2. The company should be new, innovative and give a real "buzz" to employees and customers alike.
  3. The company should be supportive of the community.
  4. The products and services should offer true value to consumers.
  5. The company should offer real products or services, not just trade on margins or onsell.
  6. The company should be globally scaleable and be based on a solid business model.

print2fundraise met all of these criteria, and was based upon the founders' long industry experience with online photo-ordering software solutions, online marketing and photo finishing.

print2fundraise strives to be the global leader in fundraising-oriented, mail-order photo finishing, and is incrementally targetting core English-speaking nations, including Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and Canada. Even though many had indicated that starting a business in hard economic times was risky (Australia is formally in a recession, as of May 2009), this was actually seen as "a positive" due to the fact that fundraising for entities (particular child care centres and charities) would be harder to come by due to less disposable income and increased unemployment.

print2fundraise is a trading name of Sozpoz Pty Ltd, a family company based in Tasmania, Australia. The founder, Adam Hirst, is a born and bred Tasmanian, who has worked extensively in Sydney and now resides with his wife and two children in Launceston, Tasmania.

the print2fundraise team!

print2fundraise Overview Video

What is print2fundraise?

print2fundraise boyDownload the print2fundraise Print WizardEarn a fundraising commission for your nominated school, child care centre, church, club or charity every time you print your photos using our award-winning Internet Printing Service!

The print2fundraise service allows fundraising all-year-round - even during school holidays - and it is easier, more convenient and cheaper* than traditional methods of ordering photos. Every time you print your photos from your home computer using "print2fundraise" you are fundraising!

* print2fundraise prices are industry standard, and overall costs are lower because you do not incur petrol, parking fees and car wear 'n' tear costs associated with going to a traditional photo store. 

Your digital camera images are professionally printed via our online photo lab, and then mailed to your home address. All you need is a digital camera and an Internet-connected computer. Order 24/7 from the comfort and privacy of home - no more waiting in queues, and save on petrol and parking fees!

print2fundraise: the all-year-round way to fundraise for schools, child care centres, churches, charities and clubs.

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