Sunday, January 19, 2020

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Ordering from Work?

 Simple Web Wizard for Corporate Firewalls

Often work and school computer networks have corporate "firewalls" installed. Firewalls are intended to keep unauthorised software from being installed on your computer. For this reason, we developed the print2fundraise Simple Web Wizard, which runs in a web browser and is not affected by most firewalls. If you want to order photos from a work computer, we suggest using the Simple Web Wizard. Click on the button, above, to launch it.

Windows XP, Windows Vista

Designed for Windows XP and Windows Vista users, this option is the most powerful and efficient method for ordering photos. Download and install our free print2fundraise "DIY photo software" on your computer, and it will guide you through the process of selecting which images to print, and gather your mailing and payment details. The benefit of this method is that images are cropped to your specification prior to transmission over the Internet, thus reducing file upload times.

Apple Mac Users

Mac-compatible Web Wizard

Are you a Mac die-hard, or use another non-Windows operating system? Never fear, you ARE catered for. We have a Mac-compliant web wizard that allows you to upload your images via a web browser to place your orders. Click on the button to begin...

print2fundraise: the all-year-round way to fundraise for schools, child care centres, churches, charities and clubs.

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