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Installation Guide
Installation Overview uses a Desktop print wizard to turn your digital images into professionally-printed photos. "Desktop" refers to the fact that it is installed on your Windows XP or Vista computer, and that every time you view your Desktop, you will see the program icon. A Desktop print wizard has some huge advantages over traditional web-based online systems. Learn More...


  • Microsoft Windows XP or Vista computer
  • 250Mb free hard disk space
  • Internet connection (broadband strongly recommended, including ADSL, satellite or cable).
[STEP 1]
  • Click on the download link for the Windows Desktop Wizard
  • In Internet Explorer, the following dialogue box will appear.
  • Click on the RUN option.

[STEP 2]
  • The Windows Desktop Print Wizard, install.exe, will download to your computer
  • You will see the following dialogue box.

[STEP 3]
  • When it has finished downloading, click on the Run button.

[STEP 4]
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Windows Desktop Print Wizard on your computer.
  • See the Quick Start Guide to see how to use the software (although instructions are presented to you on-screen).



Want a Print Wizard Demo? Click here!

print2fundraise Screen Shots

View Windows Print Wizard Overview

The "Add Images" screen - allows you to select images from your computer.

print2fundraise Windows Desktop Photo Wizard

The "Print Preview" screen - shows how your images will look when printed, and allows you to crop.

View thumbnails of images, and adjust cropping if required

print2fundraise: the all-year-round way to fundraise for schools, child care centres, churches, charities and clubs.

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