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Quick Start Guide for print2fundraise Web Version

No Installation required, all you need is an Internet connection and a web browser!

  1. Starting print2fundraise
  2. Uploading Your Images
  3. Choosing Print Sizes & Editing Your Photos
  4. Finishing Your Order

1. Starting print2fundraise:



  • Live Internet connection
  • Web browser (Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firefox etc.)
  • Your email address
  • Pen & paper (for password)
  • Open your web-browser
  • Navigate to the print2fundraise web interface
  • Enter your email address and nominate a password in the boxes provided.
    Note: Use a password of your choice, then write it down and store it somewhere safe.
  • Choose your Upload Method and click the start button.

2. Uploading Your Images:


There are two methods of uploading your images for ordering. The basic method is HTML File Elements, this method is good for uploading a small number of files. The Java applet method is recommended if you wish to order many images.

HTML File Element Method

Screenshot of HTML File Element Method
  • Select the number of images you wish to upload. This number can be adjusted at any time and images can be removed if necessary.
  • Click on the Browse... button beside an empty 'Locate an image:' box.
  • Locate the first image file (JPEG) you wish to upload and click Open
  • Repeat the previous step for each image you wish to upload.
  • Click the Upload Images button when you have finished.

"Java Applet" Bulk Image Upload Method

Screenshot of Java Applet upload methodPlease Note: You will be presented with a security notification asking if you would like to trust the content. Choose Yes to accept the applet and begin the upload process. You may wish to choose Always and the applet will automatically be accepted whenever you visit the site.

  • Add images by any of the following methods:
    • Clicking Browse and choosing a file or folder to add.
    • Dragging your images from a folder and dropping them onto the applet.
    • Copying the images you wish to upload and pasting them into the applet.

    The applet will then display a list of the images you have selected.
  • Click Send when you have finished.

3. Choosing Print Sizes & Editing Your Photos:


Close up of print preview thumbnailThe default image size will be applied to all your images automatically after completing the upload process.

Note: There are minimum image resolutions that are required for quality prints to be produced.

  • To change size variation or quantities, select the product and variation from the boxes provided with each image preview. Type the number of prints you want for the image in the Qty box.
  • Tip: The red dashes around the image indicates the area that will be printed, parts of the image outside of this line will be discarded.

  • The Crop button gives you the option to Resize, Rotate or Crop your pictures.
  • Cropping allows you to choose which parts of the image are printed. This is often the case where the digital image won’t completely fit “snugly” within the dimensions of the chosen print, whilst still maintaining the same “aspect ratio” (i.e. so the image is not stretched).

    When you click Crop, a larger version of the image will appear in a new browser window. The crop boundary is indicated by a red line and the area that will not be printed is faded.

  • Resize the crop area by holding your mouse over the handle at the bottom right corner of the cropping boundary, now click and drag to resize.
  • Move the crop area by clicking and dragging in the middle of the cropped area. The crop area can be moved anywhere within the image.
  • Click OK once you are satisfied with the cropping.
  • Click the Details icon (or click the “Next” button) once you are satisfied with the cropping of each of your images.

4. Finishing Your Order:

  • Enter your personal details in the boxes provided.

    If you would like your prints delivered, choose your freight option and complete the delivery details.

    Please ensure the delivery and contact details are correct, especially the email address.

    Additional comments or notes to the photo developer may entered in the notes section provided below the delivery details. Notes can be entered even if you have not chosen to have your order delivered.

  • Click Next or click on the Payment icon, then enter your Credit Card details into the Payment screen.
  • (Depending on how the system has been set up, you may have additional options presented to you on this screen.)

  • Click Next or click the Finish! icon to complete your order. You will be provided with a summary of your order, which you may like to print.
  • You will receive confirmation via email that your order has been successfully received. It is important that your email address is accurate otherwise you will not receive the confirmation. Please contact your store if you do not receive an email within four hours of placing your order.


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