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the print2fundraise team!

print2fundraise in a nutshell

To understand print2fundraise a little better, our fundraising service can be thought of in these gardening terms:

"EVERGREEN" - because it is an all-year-round fundraising method. Unlike a school fair or lamington drive, funds from print2fundraise stream in throughout the year, even during holidays.

"PERENNIAL" - because it is fundraising that can continue beyond a single event or year. Once a parent or other supporter nominates your organisation as a fundraising recipient, then a percentage from their orders will always go to you (potentially years later!)

"GREEN THUMB" - because print2fundraise grows by itself unattended. Your organisation does not need to buy anything, sell anything, make anything or store anything to raise funds! Simply put a message in your newsletters.

The fundraising commissions are direct deposited into your account. We will contact you after the first orders are placed to ask you your banking details.

Have a try!

Have a try of the print2fundraise DIY photo software yourself! Download the free DIY photo-printing program on your computer, or have a look at the web-based version if you are behind firewalls or on a computer with restricted access - click here.

Promote via newsletters

Simply place a print2fundraise message in every newsletter that you publish. It's that easy. We have prepared some text and graphics for you to use. See our school & child care centre resources page for templates, graphics and text to go in newsletters or standalone fliers.

Why "every" newsletter? Because even if your supporters order during holidays or sometime in the future, you will still receive a fundraising commission. So, it is not like advertising for a one-off lamington drive - the fundraise keeps on coming - so you will need regularly remind supporters to support you via print2fundraise.

Too easy!

You do nothing!

You do NOT need to purchase anything to re-sell.

You do NOT need to make anything.

You do NOT need to stock anything.

You do NOT need to do stocktakes or sales reports.

You do NOT need to redeem/claim anything or fill out forms.

You do NOT need to convince fundraisers to buy anything - (they print photos already, so it is just diverting them from their normal destination).

You do NOT need to register for this service. However, if you are not listed in the list of schools, child care centres, churches, charities or clubs, then let us know via our feedback form.

No spending restrictions

Best of all, you can spend the fundraising commission on ANYTHING that your organisation wishes e.g.

  • Schools - school books, play equipment, children's outings, end-of-year functions...
  • Child Care Centres - new toys, new picture reading books, children's picnics, etc...
  • Churches - donations to causes, church improvements, literature
  • Charities - offsetting overheads and support of charity recipients
  • Clubs & Associations - end of year functions, offset member expenses

print2fundraise simply does a direct debit of the fundraising commission into your nominated bank account at periodical intervals. If the amount of funds raised is very small (i.e. a few dollars) then we reserve the right to wait for the fundraising revenues to build a up bit so that the Direct Debit processing fees don't eat away at the donation. For transparency, we publish the total amounts on our website.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are our primary considerations because many parents and other supports want to know that their photos are safe, secure AND confidential.

print2fundraise is the most secure way of having photos printed. Why? Because:

  • Photos are printed from the privacy of their home computers - no prying eyes from photo kiosk queues.
  • Credit Card transactions use secure HTTP transmissions and industry-strength 128-but DES encryption.
  • Fundraising "recipients", such as schools, clubs and churches, never see the photos.
  • Photos are printed by a professional high-speed photographic laboratory, with stringent photo-handling policies, including automatic deletion of any images after the order is printed.
  • Photos are mailed directly to the orderer's home, and no photos are visible through the packaging.

print2fundraise: the all-year-round way to fundraise for schools, child care centres, churches, charities and clubs.

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